About our Congress liLETRAd 2021

IXTH International Congress liLETRAd (virtual)

(7th to 9th July 2021)

CfP (Call for Papers)

Cátedra liLETRAd, based at Cheikh Anta Diop University, Dakar, announces its IXth International Congress (virtual), dedicated to “Semiotics, Interdiscursive Analysis and Translation – What I See Through Your Eyes”.

Congress lines:

  • Analysis and revision of semiotics in the course of time
  • Evolution, creation and communication of signs, senses and meanings
  • Effects of semiotics on human and social communication
  • Evolution and transformations of semiotics: philosophical and scientific influences
  • Discourse, knowledge and reality in translation
  • Discursive and literary transversality
  • Discourse as a reflex on reality
  • Types of literary and scientific discourses

The registration fee for lecturers is 150 euros and for listeners 50 euros (only until 30th of April 2021). Thereafter, other fees will be applied, as shown in the registration form. To access the registration form, please visit the congress website or the following link: htttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1DIDfku9GmPuW3sfdEdLDsoNeLaO3KiU8NyqkxGYtEFs/edit (submission of the registration form before 25th of April 2021).

The edition will be realized by Tirant Lo Blanch (ICEE 1037,000) of Oxford University Press.The deadline for the submission of articles is 30th of July 2021.

Contact: Carmen C. Castro Moreno PhD (aliletrad@gmail.com) and Maguette Dieng PhD (maguette3.dieng@ucad.sn)

Welcome to our website!

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Dear colleagues, due to the large number of applications received for registration in our congress as speakers, it is possible to send new proposals. Please, attend the dates, because after the deadlines set for this purpose your acceptance will not be possible.
DATES FOR SENDING NEW PROPOSALS: May 28, 2019 to June 9, 2019. PROPOSAL SENDING ADDRESS: aliletrad@gmail.com

Your liLETRAd team

NEWS: https://congresoliletrad.wordpress.com/category/news/

Almería, it is you, whom I am dreaming of. You are the sea and the sunshine. It is you, the one whom I once met and you have always been by my side. You mean country and people, tradition and culture. You are my unforgettable friend, you are effort and mood. If I could, I would return to you. Just as the bird comes back to your shore and your letters ask for remaining in my life.

You are A of Affection.

You are A of Amiability.

You are A of Arab and Anglo-Saxon.

You are a part of my Andalusia.

All of my soul. But you are way more than this…

You are varied and different, the tastes use to wear your colours and essence gets dressed by the sound of your music.

In your Alcazaba I knew Ancient Times’ secret and its Alpujarra’s renovation, veiled by tropical species’ sounds. The monuments really tell!

They talk about you and me, about a story which I want to tell you right now.

About those times, when I kept you in my mind. Later on I thought, I would forget you, that the clouds were carrying letters which never reached. So years went by. Until I grew older.

Times passed by with ups and downs, only when I remembered you stronger, the  look was young, a little emotion overwhelms me. Will it be a congress? Will it be you, again?

You are a little girl, aren’t you? Now I am quite sure: You are unique to me, time doesn’t matter. And I look at you and I feel you, and I can smell the scent of your lanes. I close my eyes, I squeeze my hands, and there you are. In the Love poems I wrote to you, in the stars of each sky, in the heart of each novel, in the application of each work, in the storm and in the calm, in the celebrations, in the failures, in the reality and in drowsiness. A lot of people discovered from close up.

So, when the cinema became science and saw you, they thought about the most beautiful, because they werelucky to do the shooting in the paradise of your magic. Then everybody came to have a look at you, because in some moment someone speaks about your flowers, and, nevertheless, your perfume is everlasting. It seems that they are the ones which listen to the languages, to those which – even being far away – can be heard in your sound. English, French, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese have formed a colony thanks to you. They even seem to understand each other. What a curious coincidence!

Almería, with you I’ve learned. I was discovering that I loved you without knowing it, and I did not know that I loved you so much until I lost you. By mistake, of course. Excuse my Absence. Excuse so many things. But now I have to prepare myself, because I’m packing. And I’m going to start again, I do not want anyone to mine what´s burning  inside me. Something else I will tell you: now I am not only going to watch you, but to make you know that there is neither desert that separates us, nor the mountains are as big. Although surely you’re going to teach me again, I’m an eternal learner. There we see ourselves, with Almeria’s passion! This multidisciplinary congress is aimed at professors of public and private universities, all the Official Schools of Languages, where there are so many beloved people, especially teachers.

This congress includes conversation and round tables of experts, professionals and those strange people who write at the wrong time and whom we admire devoutly. Writers of the whole world, come with your works!

Send your proposals before February 15th, 2019 to aliletrad@gmail.com and we will collect research results in a monographic book considering Aneca guidelines scale.

Deadline for articles submission: July 20th, 2019

Keynote speakers: Darío Villanueva (Director of the RAE), Inger Enkvist (Professor at the University of Lund) and Juan De Castro (Professor of Literary Studies, New York)

Discounts speakers: IBERIA L.A.E. Preferred Air Carrier of the CONGRESS 10% and RENFE DISCOUNTS. 30% on the Flexible Rate in AVE and Long Distance trains, in national journeys with destination / origin.

Scientific Committee 2019

Organizing Committee 2019

Already confirmed sections 2019

Acess to the registration form 2019

Access the registration payment platform:
Through the following link (already active) you can make payments for the congress. In addition, he has been given access through the virtual campus on the SIP platform, so they can track payments.


Venue of the congress: Departmental of Humanities and Education Sciences II  Building (Building C) Ground floor, Office: 0.222 Sacramento Rd. La Cañada de San Urbano 04120. Almería, Spain.

Map of the city: https://almeria.callejero.net

See you soon, Almería!


ContinentesSin título

The world is divided into five populated continents: Europe, America, Africa, Asia, Oceania. And we think this is true. In order for these affirmations to take on weight, the processes of transformation that occurred were numerous. Nevertheless, please continue reading this brief account:

The man stopped living in his caverns more than five thousand years ago and since then he has fought in search of the longed for Peace. However, to achieve this it has crossed seas and oceans and has been exposed to numerous dangers. Pirates and privateers were always on the lookout. Stereotyped characters, archetypes and empires formed the current imaginary.

Countries defined people as monarchical or republican, as a rule without first asking them.

The cities built their forts, to defend themselves against the invasions, so that little by little they changed the course of history or maintained it. They even coveted other lands and then they abandoned theirs. Others were happy in backcountry areas, away from the problems of pollution.

When some men considered that we were not all equal, nor would we enjoy the same privileges, the wars began and the criminals took advantage of the citizens … Now that the Centennial of the end of World War I is fulfilled, it is a good time for dialogue and for to understand that to defend a position at all costs constitutes an inherent right to Nationality, but to strive to defend Nationalisms is not always optimal and the origin of conflicts, while Identity is a feeling that flows from the individual’s way of being and corresponds to the abstract concept of Homeland.

At our V International Congress liLETRAd, to be held on 4, 5 and 6 July 2018 at the Catholic University of Cuyo (San Luis, Argentina, C / Felipe Velázquez, No. 471, CP: 5700), we want to discover the adventure that brings us in America this new company of Literature, Language and Translation in several languages: Spanish, German, French, English, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Chinese and other languages. We anticipate that a Gala Dinner will be held on July 6 at the same host university.

This congress is organized by the INTERNATIONAL liLETRAd Association, promoted by the Research Group HUM-978 of the University of Seville and by the Vice-Rectorate of the Catholic University of Cuyo. We will set out previously from many remote places to participate in a meeting-point in Buenos Aires (1st and 2nd of July 2018, Plaza de los Españoles, at 10:00 AM). We will walk through its elegant streets in the district of Puerto Madero, we will dance Tango in the quarter of Boca and we will taste the best Creole flavors.

Obtain your registration form in the following link and send it to the email aliletrad@gmail.com before April 30, 2018. The discount for speakers and assistants ends on February 28, 2018: Reg_Form 2018

The deadline for articles to be published in a monographic volume is August 20, 2018. Access all the information about the new sections here: Topics_liLETRAd 2018

The hotels with agreements for this V International Congress in the city of San Luis and near the University of Cuyo (Sede San Luis) are the following:

Vista Suites Spa & Golf, Premium Tower Suites, Quintana. All establishments include Spa and Fitness Center. In the city of Buenos Aires: Hotel Madero, Regal Pacific, Lenox, Tribeca and Two.

That once again academics, university professors and writers join in the exciting encounter of LETRAs, Cultures and – last not least – Life itself!

Members of the Scientific Committee: Me.Sc

Committee of Organization liLETRAd

Unknown.jpeg images-4.jpegAerolineas.jpgLogoHeader.jpg

Dear colleagues, dear members of liLETRAD INTERNACIONAL:

It is a great pleasure to greet and WELCOME you all to our new edition of liLETRAd 2017, which will be held on the 5, 6 and 7th of July!

On this occasion we are making a delightful proposal, which hopefully will open a way to academic exchange and cultural communication among countries.

Given the pleasant experience in our previous editions, we are about to extend your participation. Among our speakers we will find our beloved Honor Partners: Mrs. Inger Enkvist, Mr. Darío Villanueva, Mr. Pedro. R. García Barreno and Mr. Juan de Castro.

If we were to emphasize an important aspect of their personality, it would be their accessibility, that magic word that differentiates them but makes us closer as well. They are Academics, and we can type it in capital letters, but they evidently learn from observation and dialogue. We therefore invite you to do the same in several languages: German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Spanish.

Based on our extensive thematic fields, which include LITERATURE, LANGUAGE and TRANSLATION, our line of argument, “BUILDING BRIDGES BETWEEN EAST AND WEST”, focuses on a brand new and social current theme: the existence or construction of walls, Barriers, Brexit and further delimitations, which, rather than uniting us, could break with global love as well as with ethical principles and constitutional rights. From a universal and integral perspective, we would like to contribute to our basic object of study, the Humanities, and to investigate both the pros and cons of research and production, teaching and learning. Starting from our hidden but inevitable initiative we would like to join our voice to moderate all those situations or conflicts that in one way or another affect us. Sometimes, these blissful ideas invade our precious global village without reason…

liLETRAd International Conference 2017 is mainly addressed to university professors and other professionals, Secondary Education or Special Regimes and / or Primary Education, although our Cátedra liLETRAd Literature competition could accept relevant works written by other participants for their presentation during the days 5, 6 and 7th of July, upon proposals from their authors. Check our policies hererules-of-the-literary-contest-2017

We will be looking forward to seeing you in the incomparable setting of the University of Seville, where your scientific work will be presented rigorously, and where through its thematic sections we will establish a framework that requires of your worthy knowledge.

During this year changes are expected to take place in our old Europe, measures will be taken in our beloved America and we will still keep on dreaming that one day there will be a world in peace. The actions we undertake together are those that will last through time. In our classrooms Luís Cernuda, Manuel Ariza, Aula Magna and Paraninfo (Rectorate of the University of Seville) we will discuss the implications and consequences of these changes. We can all bring fresh ideas to the place!

Then the entertainment time will come. We are fully confident that you will like the Alfonso XIII Hotel, next to the university, in which we will have some snacks to promote this spirit.

Speakers can register for the conference from now until the 30th of April 2017, whereas the attendees can do it until the 30th of June 2017 by sending their application form to aliletrad@gmail.com. Please click in the following link to download the registration form: registration-form_en_2017 For further information you also may contact ccastro1@us.es

Contributions for publication must be submitted before the 10th of August 2017. They will be peer-reviewed and indexed in databases through our REVISTA ACADÉMICA liLETRAD, which will reach its impressive 4TH volume.

We wish the greatest ethical fortune upon all of you and an enterprising event that brings us closer in a transcultural atmosphere.

Our best wishes from the liLETRAd team!

Sin títulomundoartiimage0011012980_1546545382274530_5648998015943070014_n4200





Conference’s topics

Dear speakers and friends,
We are pleased to inform you about the new call for papers for the International Congress liLETRAd 2016, “Symbols”, Lemmata, Phantasy”, which will be held in the University of Seville from the 6th to the 8th of July.
We still remember well the last congress (edition 2015!). Due to that event we founded a Cientific Review and an Association. We also started a project of virtual exchange in which we are expecting your proposals. And last not least we set the bases of future action (liLETRAd 2017 in Tbilissi, Georgia). This year we will include more sections in liLETRAd and there are even more innovations.

We are waiting for you in Seville and wish you an unforgettable next event.

Committee of Organization liLETRAd


Dear colleagues,

The University of Seville (Spain) will host a Conference on Literature, Language, and Translation “liLETRAd” on 7 and 8 July 2015. Bringing together the three most important facets of language transmission and teaching in a multidisciplinary event, experts from a variety of countries and continents will meet to discuss the scientifically-relevant topics that are of interest to students, teachers and other professionals. In this spirit, the Conference covers a wide range of emblematic points of discussion. For registration information, please see the links below. Papers may be presented in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. We are pleased to invite you to submit your proposal and we hope to see our motto, “A Return Journey”, come true!
–Homepage: http://www.congreso.us.es/liletrad/
–Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Congreso-Internacional-de-Literatura-Lengua-y-Traducción-Liletrad/1546544012274667



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