Phonitec sections of the International Congress – Conference Academic Excellence (ACE)

19. and 20. December 2016, University of Seville.

Phonitec sections of the International Congress – Conference Academic Excellence (ACE)

Section 1. Linguistics and Language Technologies.

Section2. Computational Linguistics.

Section 3. Speech Technologies (Synthesis and Speech Recognition Systems Dialogue Man – Machine, etc.).

Section 4. Text Technology (Tools for Word Processing and Writing Aids).

Section 5. Natural Language Processing (Machine Translation Technologies, Oral and Written Information Retrieval and Extraction).

Section 6. Development of Linguistic Resources (Computational Lexicography, Oral

and Written Corpora, Dictionaries).

Section 7. Theoretical Grammar and Grammar Practice

Section 8. Literature, Language and Translation (Foreign Languages)

Section 9. New Methods in Transmission of Literary Content and Regional Studies

Section 10. Language and Learning based on Literary Culture in the Classroom

Section 11. Questioning about Exile Literature, Emigration and Displacements

Section 12. Materials and Learning Tools

Section 13. Affective Variables in Education

Section 14. Types of Text and Textual Functions, Style and Register

Section 15. Competition, Reception and Textual Production

Section 16. Speech and Orality

Section 17. Professions and Specific Languages

Section 18. Habits, Motivation and Disposal

Section 19. Prosody and Phonetics (Forensic, Articulatory, Acoustic, Perceptive, Clinic and Foreign Language Phonetics, Prosody-Pragmatics-Linguistic Variation and Discourse Analysis, Learning and Language Acquisition)

Section 20. Translation and New Technologies in the Current Company

Section 21. Interpretation Bilateral, Consecutive and Simultaneous

Section 22. Creativity in the Foreign Language Class

Section 23. Didactics of Second Language Teaching

Section 24. Language, Communication and Marketing


* Deadline for receipt of proposals: October 30, 2016.

* Deadline for payment of fees: November 10, 2016.

* Deadline for submission of manuscripts for evaluation and subsequent publication in monograph Date: January 20