Contents of liLETRAd International Congress 2015

Congreso Internacional de Literatura, Lengua y Traducción “liLETRAd”, 7 and 8 July 2015

Congreso Internacional de Literatura, Lengua y Traducción “liLETRAd” is the result of a collaborative project involving researchers from various countries in Europe and the Americas. Its peculiar binding spectrum is to be of use in joining together different cultures and corresponding languages, along with intercultural studies under a common motto: “A journey there and back”. Thus, literature takes on particular importance for its evocative and fantastic character; as does language through establishing contact with people and situations which involve an exchange (at times unexpected); and it is so often translation that helps us in opening up a path through the world. We are, then, travellers there and back, criss-crossing wayfarers and apprentices in the opportunity of realising a creative metaphor. Writers in exile or in the imagination, linguists in search of the precise word or analysts of the spoken form, translators ready for of the precise word or analysts of the spoken form, translators ready for action in what may be an already betrayed venture, and others. They are welcome at liLETRAd! Don’t expect the usual conference. We have something special in mind in order to satisfy this longing to know how to exchange and connect with the information world, since that would be a solid foundation. For that purpose, communications experts will give us the essentials in plenary meetings Can you speak Spanish? Can you speak German or English? Can you hold your own in Portuguese? Or is your language French? This is your place. liLETRAd will take place in the Facultad de Filología of Universidad de Sevilla (Rectorado) on 7 and 8 July 2015 when our journey will take us through expositions of 20 minutes’ length, plenary sessions and round-table discussions for each of the panels, divided between Aula Magna, Aula Luís Cernuda and Aula Manuel Ariza. Naturally, we will recover our strength with our buffet breakfast and joint interactive lunch, and so we trust that the desire to repeat this journey will grow, a journey with co-organisers from Universidad Federal Fluminense, Universidad del Estado de Río de Janeiro and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Río de Janeiro (Brazil). The contributions which pass peer review will be published in a monograph and the corresponding certificate issued.

There are, therefore, three sections divided into the following panels, which you can join as an attendee or as a speaker, and from which you can choose an exquisite selection before 31 March 2015 by emailing The deadline for the delivery of papers for publication is 20 July 2015. The items included in the panels are merely orientative having regard to the theme of the section.

Literature Panel (Aula Magna)

• The literature of propaganda • The exoticism of some writers and their myths • Aesthetic questionings of exile and emigration • Authenticity and political literature • Ethnic groups and minorities • Literature and dance • Innovation in computerised teaching

Language and Linguistics Panel (Aula Luís Cernuda)

• The evolution of languages • Didactics and dissemination of languages • Phraseology: proverbs, refrains, turns of phrase, dialectisms • Linguistic typology in contrast • Cognition and denotation • Application of new technology to language and communication

Translation Panel (Aula Manuel Ariza)

• Categories of simultaneous translation • Specific and technical texts in two or more languages • Audiovisual translation and dubbing or other projects derived from research groups • Peculiarities that are the product of transcriptions of trite authors • Teaching translation and interpretation today and career opportunities • Comparative literature • Literary translation as intercultural mediation

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Call for papers International Congress liLETRAd 2015


Dear colleagues,

The University of Seville (Spain) will host a Conference on Literature, Language, and Translation “liLETRAd” on 7 and 8 July 2015. Bringing together the three most important facets of language transmission and teaching in a multidisciplinary event, experts from a variety of countries and continents will meet to discuss the scientifically-relevant topics that are of interest to students, teachers and other professionals. In this spirit, the Conference covers a wide range of emblematic points of discussion. For registration information, please see the links below. Papers may be presented in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. We are pleased to invite you to submit your proposal and we hope to see our motto, “A Return Journey”, come true!